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Coffee with Cats

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Arizona's First and only Cat Cafe! What is it? It's the best place in the world! Here you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea and a snack, but that's not the good part. You get to enjoy your goodies snuggled up with a loving, adoptable cat or kitten who is looking for a forever home!

Where is it? It is located outside of Prescott, Arizona in an area called Williamson Valley. The cat sanctuary and cafe is located on 6 acres of peaceful, serene beauty. We are still in the process of building so we are not open to the public yet. 

We need help to complete our task! While we have already purchased the property and drilled the well, there is still much to be done. Every purchase made on this site helps us reach our goal as the Ottinger Gallery donates a portion of the proceeds of every sale to Coffee with Cats.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for helping us make this dream a reality. If you would like to donate without purchasing you can send your donations directly to the Ottinger Gallery by clicking the button below. Thank you in advance for any amount you donate. You can choose the amount you donate, starting at $ 1.00.

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Giving back........

Your purchase will help animals in need. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to "Coffee & Cats".  A unique place where you can enjoy coffee or tea while you play and snuggle with adoptable cats and kittens.

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